Miss Contestants

Miss Colorado USA 2020 Contestants


Ala A.
Thank you to my amazing coaches Christina Sacha from “Creating the Perfect You,” and Lu Sierra from “Alup International” for believing in me and guiding me throughout this journey. Thank you to my personal trainer Michelle McDaniels for helping me be stronger and healthier. Thank you Dani Walker with “Pageant Access” for the help with the paperwork, Becky Donnelly with “Facetté Medical Spa” for beautifying my skin and helping me glow naturally. Thank you to all my friends who have been my personal cheerleaders throughout this incredible journey, and lastly thank you to my parents for giving my brothers and I the opportunity to live the ultimate American Dream.

Shannon A.
Dear Mr. Jeffery Holland, In the interests of Guardian Roofing LLC, I would like to thank you for warmly sponsoring me in the Miss USA state pageant. I truly appreciate the help and support your organization has provided for me. Your generous donation has dramatically helped me with further expenses of the pageant. I thank you and your organization for your contribution and supporting me through this very special experience and opportunity.

Elizabeth A.
I would like to thank my parents and four amazing sisters for always loving and supporting me.

Alysia B.
I would like to thank my mom for all the love and support she has given through this journey. Thank you for always believing in me and helping me with my wildest dreams. You have been the best role model, and I'm so grateful to have had you to be someone to look up to. I couldn't do it without you. Much love.

Lillie B.
Miss Colorado USA is my first pageant and I would not have been able to compete without the outpouring of support I received from friends and family. They encouraged me every step of the way and inspired me to be better. I owe special thanks to those who went above and beyond and to whom I owe a debt of gratitude: to my best friend, Camryn, who took my beautiful portrait; to Maya, the woman who responded with kindness and words of wisdom to an email from a stranger asking about pageants; to Luke for keeping me grounded and ensuring that I kept up with preparations; and to my mom who was exceptionally giving in her time and energy to assist in this competition. Thank you all for believing in me - without you this would not be possible.

Ren B.
I am so grateful to friends and family who have supported me beyond all expectations, providing the funds making this pageant a possibility for me to participate in. I would like to give special thanks to my official sponsor, La Henna Boheme, for their donation. Additionally, a thank you to my beautiful parents, grandparents, Uncle Pete, Ed Leyba, Debra Timby, Kathy Schiesl, Issy Wells, RaeAnne Soles, Kristy Medina, Kaitlyn Mobley, and Becky Yoder. This experience would not have become a reality without all of your support. As a final note, I would like to thank Dani and Annie for their childhood love of Miss USA, ultimately inspiring me to pursue this challenge.

Whitney B.
I’d like to thank all my friends and family for supporting me through this journey.

Savannah C.
Thank you to all my friends and family for the support!

Crystal C.
Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey to the Miss Colorado USA stage! When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 23, I thought I would have to give up on my dreams of becoming Miss Colorado USA. How could I go on stage with bruises and bumps from constant insulin injections? Thank you to Beyond Type 1 and the Rocky Mountain JDRF for helping me live beyond. To others with invisible disabilities, I hope that I can inspire you to live beyond as well. You are not your disease or disability. I may have type 1, but type 1 does not have me. Thank you to everyone who helped with my preparations! Thank you to the directors and all those who make this possible.

Tiana C.
Thank you to "Sabrina Cooks Realtor, Galvan and Gardner Real Estate Group".

Kara D.
Thank you to my parents for being unfailingly supportive and pushing me to be the best version of myself in all that I do. My sisters for teaching me to be strong and that pride in oneself is a virtue and a motivator. My friends for being more encouraging than I could have ever asked. To everyone in my life for hyping me always, helping me even when I don’t ask, and loving me unconditionally.

Emily D.
Thank you to my family, friends, CU Buff Teammates, Gold Cal Jrs VBC & JD+A Architects Planners Inc.

Eilaf F.
Thank you to friends. Thank you to family. And most importantly, thank you to God. It truly takes a village to raise a child and I consider myself truly blessed to have grown up around a village, that is colorful, diverse and global. Oh and a big thank you to keto ice cream, without it, this pageant dress would not have looked so good. ;)

Taylor F.
Much love and thanks to my incredibly supportive family and friends!

Courtney F.
Thank you to Fromm & Company for sponsoring me. The support I get from my family is amazing. They have been nothing but willing to help me chase down any dream I have. I love you guys! Also, I want to thank Joanie! My amazing hair lady! She is the owner and sol operator of JCC Hair Design. Thank you for always making me feel fabulous Joanie! I love you!

Kiyara G.
Thank you to my loving family, supporting friends, and awesome peers (and a couple of customers from work). Those who donated and shared my Go Fund Me has my immense thank yous and boundless appreciation. Most of all, I would love to thank my family for encouragement, and my love, Stephen, for helping me maintain a rational mind and a clear vision. You've all kept me sane and inspired through it all. I couldn't have done this with out you!

Kayla G.
To my Family and Friends: Your support sparked an unwavering fire of joy within me - Thank You. To my coach, Mrs. GiGi Hatcher, I will forever be thankful for the way you accepted my journey with blind faith. Mrs. Sylvia Waller, The Queen, thank you for the seeds you planted into my journey. Auntie Estela Williams, thank you for pouring your heart into my pageant foundation by encouraging me, directing me and capturing my pageant photos. To my FIFTY-THREE amazing donors who made this experience possible - WOW, I explode with gratitude for each and every one of you! To my parents, siblings, grandmother and aunties - we did it!

Maggie G.
Thank you to everyone who has been with me, near & far on this incredible adventure! I am so grateful for all of the love and support that I've received over these past months, especially from my wonderful parents, my incredible boyfriend, and my fantastic friends. I could never have done any of this without you, and I am so blessed to have this opportunity. Another huge thank you to EXIT Realty Meridian Ranch for your very generous sponsorship which has helped me to further pursue my goals by getting me here today.

Brittany G.
If I could thank everyone that has helped me over the last thirteen years of working towards making this dream a reality; I would fill an entire program book. I am thankful for every person that has been on my team throughout the years. This year, I am especially thankful for Evolution Consulting, Noah Berg Photography, John Benton Fitness, Jovani LA, NAMI Colorado, Eastern Hills Community Church, Gift of Adoption Organization, Believe Denver, Mac Duggal Models and Team, Kari Kisch, Timothy D’s A Salon, Boulder Brows, all of my friends across the country, My Lot One Family, The Miles Family, Joshua Taylor and most importantly; Austyn, Chance, Cole, Chloe, Tressa, my Dad and my Mom.

Angelina G.
First and foremost I would like to thank my parents and family for supporting me every step of this Journey. I would also like to thank my pageant coach Nia Sanchez for believing in me and educating me on pageantry. Finally, I would like to thank my personal trainer Ali North from Core Progression for pushing me to be the best and most confident version of myself.

Stevie G.
Thank You! To my mom, my cheerleader, for always being there for me and encouraging me to be special. To my Dad, for showing me the value of hard work and reminding me of the big picture. To my best friends, Sara, Kyra, you have both been there for me physically and emotionally, making sure I don't throw in the towel. To all my Grandparents, for being my biggest, wildest fans. Finally, to Eric , my Rock, my Love, my sour-patch kid. I'm so grateful of the life that we have together and for always being by my side. None of this would be possible without you. I love you babe! Thank you to my sponsors for being there through all of my endeavors: Merv and Jan at 3D Designs: Custom Home Remodeling Reigning Royalty LLC; Prom, Pageants and More!

Sidney G.
I want to sincerely thank my family, friends, and community for donating money so I could be able to participate in the USA State Pageant. I want to express my gratitude for your support and belief in me. I feel extremely honored knowing each of you have a part in me being here, so I could have an amazing experience! The USA State Pageant will allow me to express a part of who I am and I could think of no one but your company to support me! I appreciate you helping me raise the money, and thinking of me and how this could affect my future. I value and respect all of you and most of all wanted to take the time to say thank you, for you have warmed my heart.

Ashleigh G.
To everyone who has believed in me and supported me throughout my preparation for Miss Colorado USA, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Natalie H.
Thank you to all my family and friends for all your support and continuous love. I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with you and for this, I am forever grateful!

Alexandra H.
I would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous contributions toward making my dream come true: Vision Photography, Karen Boos, Ardell Sparhawk, Bob Hessel, Shannon Weston (Vibe Foods Lone Tree), Pam Pierce, Diana Davis, Stacie Wainright, Rachel (Hong) Seely, Vicki Swett, Cathie Helmer, Melissa Simonton, Mike Follet, Mike Lamb, Rick Neistat, Barbara Arko, Robert Arko, Norm Blum, Yata Williams, Bill & Barb Hessel, Billy & Desiree Hessel, Christin Schultz, Keara Barrett, Erika Hansen, Natalie Kissner, Lauren Bloom, Anna Lemons, Siera Griffin. I also appreciate all the love all the other family, friends, and sponsors who have made this journey possible for me. I could not have done it without any of you.

Krystal H.
I would love to give thanks to my friends and family. I don't know what I would do without your overwhelming amount of support and encouragement that I receive each and every day. I truly appreciate the kind words and positive reassurance and seeing my highest level of potential. I want you to know that I am humbled and blessed to have an amazing support system like you for believing in me and motivating me to go above and beyond. I also want to thank my trainer at Core Progression for pushing me to my limits and getting me in shape just in time for the pageant. To all my friends, family, trainers and coaches, thank you for guiding me in the right direction to help me live out my dream!

Taylor H.

Amy H.
There is not enough of room on here to be able to fully express my gratitude to all the wonderful people in my life that have supported me throughout this journey. First and foremost I wanna thank my family, thank you for being so supportive and patient with me. I love you so so much. To my friends, thanks for putting up with me while I’ve been preparing for this weekend. I know it’s been hard at times, but thanks for loving me regardless of the occasional grumpiness. To my team, Beckie, Connie, Alice, Chloe, Alex, Katie, thank you for your time, support, and just everything you’ve done for me. I am such a lucky girl to have you all there every step of the way, I wouldn’t be here without you! And God, thank you for such a blessed life!

Morgan H.
First, I'd like to thank God. Without Him nothing is possible. To my mom and dad, thank you for your unfailing love, support and guidance. I never imagined the shy young girl I once was would be standing on this stage today. I would not be here without you. To my pageant coach Valerie Hayes, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have taught me more than I could've ever imagined. Thank you for always lifting me up, pushing me and giving me the necessary skills to compete with confidence and poise. I am so grateful for you and our new found friendship. To my family, friends and the everyone who have supported me along the way, thank you. I wouldn't be who I am without you.

Sasha H.
Thank you to all of my wonderful sponsors, friends and family for your immense support during this process. I would not be able to do it without you all!

Ana H.
Thank you so much to my family and friends for your support and for encouraging me to go chase my dreams and accomplish my goals. Without you all, I would not be who I am today and I appreciate each and every one of you for all you've done for me. You're all amazing people and I can truly never thank you enough. Love you all so much!

Jessica H.
To everyone out there who loved, supported, and prayed for me during this journey, thank you so much! Your caring nature and generosity is much appreciated. A special thanks to the family and friends who contributed, including but not limited to: my incredible mom and dad, loving and gracious grandparents, as well as the following families: the Carroll's/ Hernandez's, Baldock's, Gunnell's, Sheveland's, and Moore's. I would also like to personally thank the big businesses that sponsored me along the way: Simone Vision Photography for headshots and donation, Springs Family Dentistry for lifelong teeth whitening and dental care, and Benning and Mathew Orthodontics for donation and dental care. Thank you for everything! Much love - Jessica

Savannah K.
First off, I would like to thank my family and friends for helping and supporting me non stop while prepping and making sure that I was prepared, I love you all so much. Second, I would like to thank my sponsors, Beus excavation, ANB Bank and Savanna Fender photography. You all have been a huge help and made preparation a whole lot easier for this years pageant. Thank you all so much!

Kylie K.
Thanks so much to all my family and friends who supported me on this journey. Especially my mom MiMi and my boyfriend Hollis. I would also like to give a special shout out to the women who bought and supported me at my Kylie Klein Jewelry Party (@kylieklein_Jewelry on instagram.) In particular, thanks to Beth Cavanaugh, Nancy Hughes, Mikalah Hughes, Linda Jones, and Mac for their financial support towards my entry tonight. The remaining entry funds not raised were put forth by Kylie Klein Design & Illustrations (www.kyliemklein.com and on instagram @kylieklein_design.)

Kayla K.
Thank you to my greatest support, my mom. Not only does she believe in my goals, but she also inspires me to be strong, passionate, and courageous in order to chase after my dreams. I hope to inspire others as much as she has inspired me

Bre L.
Humbled and blessed to have such an incredible support system by my side through this journey. Thank you, Mom, Greg Dad, & Kyle- you guys are my backbone and I am so beyond grateful for your continuous support throughout the years. Thank you to my sponsors and team for all that you have done to help me look and feel my best: C. Reece Consulting, Just Fit Training, Shop Priceless, Michael Franco, CENPHO Beauty Boutique, Chelsea Sprinkle, Debbie Carroll, Body Beautiful Med Spa, Love Polish. With all my love, Bre

Michelle L.
Thank you to the Society of Women Engineers for their support and continued work empowering women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders. Thank you to Mary Rader, Scot Douglass, and the Engineering Honors Program at the University of Colorado Boulder for their endless support. Thank you to Greenhouse Scholars for their generosity and support. I am so proud to be part of a program that emphasizes leadership, community, accountability, and relentlessness. Thank you to Anna Jensen, my magical coach that empowers me to be my best self. Thank you to my friends and family for their love and encouragement. I am grateful every day for you. Per Aspera Ad Astra!

Chandler M.
I would like to thank my dad, friends and family. for all the love and support they've shown me. I would also like to thank Stacey Brown at Rocky Mountain Hair Design, Jen and TJ Hecht at Anytime Fitness in Montrose, Beauty by Manda, Tracy Reule, and Makeup by Laura.

Randilyn M.
I would like to thank my dad, my friends and family, Stacey Brown at Rocky Mountain Hair Design, Jennifer and TJ Hecht at Anytime Fitness in Montrose, Dalton Wright Fitness, Beauty by Manda, Tracy Reule, and Makeup by Laura for their love and support on this amazing journey.

Alyssa Mae M.
My parents, Maria and Felix Magalong, Jr. / Kuya Alexander & Christina / Kuya Anthony, Vickie, & Nolan / Kuya Andrew & Stacy Grow / Wayne, Aurora, and Angie Brewer / The Huber Family / Santos Designs by Joey Santos / Filipino-American Community of Southern Colorado / Zenergy Dancesport / Roxana Alterations / Nails Spa 2000 / El Paso County & Fountain Valley Advertiser & News / Gregory and Françoise Moquin / Alina Luna and Anthony Miccoli / Patrick Nelson / Thank you for the love and support of my family, friends, & sponsors!

Ryann M.
Thank you so much to my friends and family for all of your love and support. Much appreciation to my sponsors; Lumen Electric, Paulette Koch and Salapich Agency, LLC.

Arianne M.
Thank you to my family for always supporting me in all of my wild adventures.

Emma M.
Thank you, mom, for always supporting me with anything I do. You have been the biggest role model in my life and I love that I get to call you my mom. Thank you auntie for always believing in me and taking the time to come out and support me. I also want to thank my work family at Colorado Pain Relief. You have all taught me so much since I joined the team, and I wouldn't be where I am at today without you.

Makenzie M.
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me in my journey to competing for Miss Colorado. I would like to give a special thanks to Mikelah Lowry with Blue Mesa Salon for making sure my hair is always stage ready and Clayton Jenkins for my beautiful headshots. Mom and Dad, I wouldn't have made it here if it wasn't for your constant guidance and support, I love you so much!

Cassidy M.
Special thanks to my mom, Bonnie, and my stepfather, Larry, who have helped me through thick and thin. Thank you to my dad, Morris, and my stepmom, Brook, for being my support and giving me confidence.

Giovanna M.
Thank you everyone!

April M.
Thank you, Friends, Family, Kip Watson

Brittany M.
I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been with me on this journey, supports me & encourages me while reaching my success. Thank you to Adam Bratten, for doing my headshots. Thank you to Sedrique Oilson for doing my make-up. Thank you to my Hair Stylist Mrs. Debbie. Thank you to Kamron Atkinson for supporting me and donating to my success. Thank you to my amazing team Charlie at Marketing 360 for being so supportive every day! Thank you to my amazing family and close friends. Lastly, Thank you to Future Productions & the Miss. Colorado USA Team for all of their hard work. Thank you for providing me and so many other ladies with this opportunity. You all are truly appreciated! Sincerely, Brittany K. Mitchell

Chelsea P.
Special thanks to my mother for all of her unconditional love and guidance. To Allan and Erika Tamez, I am grateful for your generosity throughout this journey. Last but not least, I want to thank my family and friends who have supported me continuously! Love, Chelsea

Kirsten P.
I want to extend my deepest gratitude to my family and friends that made this experience possible. When the opportunity arose to compete for Miss Colorado, USA, I was surrounded by support and enthusiasm. Thank you to my sister who sets the most extraordinary example and standards for me to follow. Thank you to my parents for being as passionate about my dreams as I am and for encouraging me to never think a dream is too big. Thank you to my amazing friends who are cheering me on in many different forms and fashion. To my students, thank you for inspiring me to use my voice, to stand up for what I believe in, and to never be afraid to try. Finally, to one of my best friends, Haleigh, thank you for encouraging me on this adventure with you!

Jasmine P.
Thank you to Future Productions for giving me this wonderful first experience and opportunity to compete in this pageant.

Savanna P.
I'd like to thank my family for supporting me on this amazing adventure, I wouldn't be here without you! I'd also like to thank my true friends for standing by me; and having full faith in me! All of you are treasures that are priceless to the highest degree!

Nirvana P.
I would like to thank my friends, family, and cats for always supporting me!

Natalie R.
I would not be competing if it weren't for the help from my family, friends, supporters and sponsors. Mom and dad, thank you for always believing in whatever wild dream I decide to chase, and for always pushing me to be the best version of myself. Brittany, thank you for always hyping me up and cheering me on. Thank you to my amazing coaches and mentors who helped me find my true purpose. Thank you to my family and friends who've donated to my GoFundMe, and thank you to everyone else for following along with me on this journey. Thank you my sponsors; Emily Summer Studios for the beautiful headshots, and Jami Forseth for the stunning evening gown. I'm blessed to have you all on my team. Let's do this!

Heather R.
Thank you brother and father and family for helping me achieve my goals! You are all awesome and I am eternally grateful for you!

Noelle R.
I want to say thank you to my family, friends, and amazing sponsors for all of the support! Thank you, Ileene and Mike White, Laurie Stein DDS, Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Jesse Gardea, Fruita Family Dental, Chow Down Pet Supplies, Dave and Kim Coquoz- Equipment Machinery Appraisal LLC, Morning Mission Coffee, Burton Orthodontics, Sweet Kiwi Bakery, and my big brother Smiles for believing in me! You made this happen!

Starci S.
I would like to thank Trinity Productions for their support of me, not just through this pageant, but throughout my whole life. I would also like to extend my deepest thanks to PRICOM design for their financial support. I wouldn't be here without you. Last, but certainly not least, I need to give my family a standing ovation. Mom: there are no words for how greatful I am to you. For not only raising me but also for being my teacher from K-12. I have learned so much from you! Dad: you have always been my greatest role model and mentor. I wouldn't be the person I am today without your advice and guidance. And a big shout out to my siblings. You are the wackiest and greatest friends I never asked for.

Julia S.
I would like to give a huge thank you to my parents for all of their support in this new endeavor. Thank you to Gracie for pushing me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me to participate in this pageant, as I truly would not have participated without her persistence. Thank you to Kimya for all of her help with outfit choices to interview questions to always being there for me. Thank you to Skylar Witte & Sabrina Janssen completely changing my conception of what pageants are and welcoming me into a circle of warm, intelligent, strong, confident women. I am so excited and humbled to have been able to experience all this pageant has to offer and thus would like to thank the Future Productions & the Miss Universe Organization.

Mariah S.
I would love to thank all my friends and family that support me. Along with all the businesses that have wished me luck I would love to give a tremendous thank you to Monique's Boutique for helping me with my pageant wear. Thank you to Susan for such a generous sponsorship; my family appreciates having you in our lives. I'm incredibly grateful to KKCO for sharing my story in the hopes of inspiring other girls to be themselves. My journey of pageantry wouldn't have began without Abbey Curran who showed me being different is beautiful. Lastly, I can never give enough thanks to my family and friends who have been there for me through everything; you have all my love in the world.

Haleigh S.
I am so excited to be a pageant first-timer, but I could not have done it without the continued support and encouragement of so many. Mom and Dad - thank you for never doubting me in any endeavor I choose to take on. Thank you Kyle for always going along with my plans and helping me think through big decisions. Thank you to my amazing friends for your genuine interest and support of this experience. And of course, a huge thank you to my corporate sponsors for helping me see my way through to the end: DeLine Box Company, Illumination Systems, Corporate Net Services, and Packaging Express.

Victoria S.
I want to thank my family and friends for all of their support!

Sydney S.
Thank you to my sponsors Eric Lusby State Farm, Jerry Reiher State Farm, Pinque Boutique, Alice Muhr, Eli Forsyth, Janet Boyd, Lori, Steve & Blake Reiher, Judy Simon, Kelly & Kris Turner, Sandy & Jerry Reiher, and the Thompson Family. I would also like to thank my family and friends for the unconditional love and support on my journey!

Olivia S.
I am thankful for my family's support throughout this experience. In addition, I am incredibly grateful for all of the photographers and collaborators I have worked with as well as coworkers, who have aided me in building up to this point and continuing my journey to become my best self.

O S.
Many thanks to the following donors: Cammie Arneson, Lori Walter, Maribeth Baca, Suzanne Braley, Jules Witten, Tarra Bolinger, Jen McNerny, Madeline Bolinger, Gina Bolinger, Mae Zapak, Juliana Baca, Katarina Loft, Erin Ornelas, Michael Gray, Kristel Horak Acre, Ann Long, Jillian Morgan, Kelsey Mac, Laura Binegar, Mandy Blumreich, Melissa Flowerdew, Nater Tot, Liz Acosta, Christy Noffsinger, Savanna Land, Ryan Scudder, Kerri Elizabeth, Barb Cardell, Joan Antonio, Jim Antonio, Gina Long, Delsin Wood, Jil Cohen, Juan Moreno, Shana Wilhelm, Corrie Butler, Anna Bryniarski, Kristi Anderson, Colleen McOsker, Peggy Nichols, Paul Franzen, Nicholas Abraham, Olivia Weststeyn, Stephanie Domzalski, and Jennifer Parenti. You are the reason I'm here!

Elizabeth T.
I would like to give a big thank you to all my friends for their encouragement and support. Thank you Two Chicks and A Hippie for sponsoring me during this journey, it means the world to me. Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me through my gofundme. I wouldn’t be here without you guys! Lastly, I want to say thank you to my parents for supporting me financially and mentally while managing to raise 8 more kids. I love you guys so much. I’m so blessed to have amazing people in my life to allow me to be here today, even if you couldn’t support me financially. Thank you!

Lauren T.
I would like to thank my parents, Hope and Mike Thomas, my siblings Lane, Megan, and Julie Thomas, my grandparents Bonnie and Ansel Richard, Michelle and Neil Mekelburg, Amanda and Sandra Collier, Tami and Troy Crochet, Lanny Richard, Mary Crochet, Don Kirk, Cole Howes, Cody McAninch, Dee Sliver, Sharon Foster, Nancy Ireland, Cindy Blanchard, Linda Leuthauser, Mairs Family Dentistry, Visiting Angels, and Salon Roya.

Rachelle W.
Thank you to my friends and family for your support and encouragement for me to compete for Miss Colorado USA 2020 this weekend - Ben, Phil, my dad, my grandparents, and my coworkers! I'd also like to thank the team that has helped me to prepare for this weekend: Kari Kisch for makeup lessons, Lu Sierra for walking and interview prep, and Scott Keppel for workout routines I received in the past that helped me learn form and for helping me figure out how to eat healthy! I'd also like to thank my company and our fitness center for providing me with regular fitness classes and a place to workout. Last but not least, thanks to Wink Beauty & Lash Lab and FELS Photo for my amazing headshot!

Deja W.
I would like to give a huge shoutout, first to Hungry Wolf BBQ for being my sponsor, because of Hungry Wolf I was able to be blessed with the opportunity to participate in Miss Colorado USA. Secondly, also for my family for making this dream really become reality. With each step into this journey my family has been there to support me, guide me, and to uplift me. Always being so helpful, they truly are my backbone. I couldn’t have gotten here without them. My family is the best family I could ever ask for. Thank you all for believing in me ! Much love to the team.

Tiffany W.
I would like to give a special thanks for my family and friends for all their support and encouragement through this journey and for their help me along the way. I appreciate all that my family did to help me.

Giovanne W.
Thank you to all of my friends and family for your support. I not only want to thank you all for the financial support but for the mental, spiritual and physical preparation support for this pageant. If it weren't for you all I wouldn't be able to accomplish yet another goal of being able to compete in this years pageant. Thank you once more.

Noelle W.
Thank you to my phenomenal family for the constant love and support, y’all are my greatest joy!

Mary W.
Thank you Kristen Dalton for pushing me to just be my best self and finding my "Sparkle Effect". Thank you friends and family without you I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you for believing in me and being there for me. I am blessed to have each and everyone of you as part of my life.