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People's Choice Award Online Voting!

At this year’s pageant we are holding a special online competition called the People’s Choice! We will be collecting your votes with the help of our voting partner, The Pageant Planet, for your favorite contestant for the People’s Choice in both the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA divisions. This year, the People’s Choice Winners will be guaranteed a spot as a SEMI-FINALIST in the Pageant Finals! Voting will take place online and the winners of the People’s Choice for each division will be revealed during the announcement of the semi-finalists as well as recognized during the awards portion near the end of the Pageant Finals!

Any funding raised during the People’s Choice Voting will be split between the titleholder preparation fund to cover various expenses incurred by the state pageant during the titleholders’ preparations for the national pageant, as well as the general production budget for staffing and staging of the state pageant. During this year’s pageant, if the contestant numbers dictate, it may be decided by the judging panel to allow all the state contestants to advance to the Pageant Finals as Semi-Finalists. If so, the winners of the People’s Choice voting will still be announced at the start of the Pageant Finals as well as recognized during the awards portion near the end of the show.

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Miss Colorado USA 2024 Contestants


Alexis A.
El Paso County
It is with immense joy and heartfelt thanks that I extend my sincere thanks to all of my sponsors and supporters for your unwavering support. Through the challenges and triumphs, your belief in me has been a constant source of strength and motivation. Your generous sponsorship has provided me with the resources and confidence to pursue my goals and showcase my abilities on such a prestigious platform. Thank you for being an essential part of my journey. I truly give thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for this opportunity as I am excited to carry the lessons learned and the confidence gained into the next chapter of my life. I look forward to making you proud as I fulfil my duties and represent our shared values with grace.

Andie A.
Since moving to Denver, Cheer Colorado, a member of the Pride Cheerleading Association, has become my supportive and encouraging home away from home. I extend heartfelt thanks to my incredible friends and family for their unwavering love. Special gratitude to my sash sisters from Miss America Strong, The Center on Colfax, The Bridal Collection, Skin Laundry, and GlowUp Houston for their fantastic hair and makeup services.

Kayla A.
Red Rocks
Thank you to my friends and family for the continued support in pursuit of my dreams.

Ashley B.
Thank you to my family, friends and community who have continually believed in me and supported my dreams. I'm thankful for those who have taken the time to invest in my life and go the extra mile to show their love and care. I am deeply grateful for my mentors and sources of inspiration who have pushed and guided me over the years. It's my responsibility in life to give back and help others succeed in the ways that others have done for me. Above all, I'm thankful for God blessing me with a heart for service and a passion for impact! Through Miss Colorado USA pageant preparation, I've learned to ground myself in gratitude and cherish life as I am. Because of that, I'm thankful for who I've become! #TakeCourage

Mackenzie B.
Southern CO
To be writing this is surreal and solely possible due to my amazing support system. First, thank you to my sweet, handsome husband. Being with you, Colin, has been the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I have ever and will ever accomplish. Because of your unconditional love and support I have the confidence and strength to compete in this pageant with my head held high. You are helping me heal one day at a time. Secondly, thank you to my family who have always been there for me through thick and thin. I am so beyond grateful for my dad, Scott, and my bonus mom, Stephanie, for growing through life with me! Lastly, to my mom and Nonno, I feel you're here in spirit cheering me on and I hope I can make you proud.

Brina B.
Central CO
Thank you to my family and friends for your continued support over the last 11 years as I've pursued this dream! Special thanks to Kelly, Morgan, Jimmy, Thom, Raven, and my parents for being the best team. Love you all, couldn't do it without you!

Jasmyn B.
The world's biggest thank you & all my love to my #1 supporter always, Jackson. Your overwhelming love and support through every step of our lives is all I could ever need. I would not be here today if it weren’t for you, you mean everything to me & more. Thank you to my family, for cheering me on through everything I’ve ever done. Encouraging me to chase after every little dream I have is what makes me who I am today. Thank you to my sponsors who supported me on my journey here. Club Pilates, for having the best classes to get me mentally and physically at my best. Essentials Spa, for helping my skin glow on stage. Rockstar Spray Tans, for giving me the best tan for the big weekend. Thank you to all who helped make this dream come true.

Allison C.
Ahhh, I'm so excited to be back on this stage! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me along the way. A special shoutout to my family for being my support system and cheerleaders, to my friends for going along with this crazy hobby of mine, and to everyone else who has helped lift me up during this journey. I love you all!

Myra C.
Northern CO
Amalias Translation and Tax Service, L | A Med Spa, El Mero Mero, Almancitas Mexican Food, Almanza's Authentic Mexican Restaurant, E & E Quality Tax & Professional Service, Mariana's All About Tax Service, El Campesino Boots Rio western Wear, Family and Friends.

Tiana C.
Cimarron Hills
Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me this year. I wouldn't be here without you!

Amanda D.
I want to thank my family for the support, and my loving husband for being my #1 fan

Selena F.
I want to give Glory to my God- for everything I am and will become. Miss USA productions, for this incredible opportunity. My children, Zayn and Micheal, for being my greatest gifts. My family and friends for supporting me. My sponsors for helping me get here again. I am so thankful for y'all.

Rachael F.
I want to thank my parents for their unwavering support and love. Mom and Dad, your sacrifices and guidance have shaped me into the person I am currently discovering, and I am forever grateful for your encouragement, understanding, and endless belief in me. I am so blessed to have both of you in my life. I also want to thank my coach Marian Rothschild for encouraging me to step into my power and be the best version of myself. Love, Rachael

Elizabeth G.
Thank you to the following sponsors for their overwhelming support. Ashlyn Victoria Photography, Makeup by Mekinzie, and Irresistible Me hair for an incredible photoshoot, also to Sophia's Glamour, Katie Todd and The Glam House in Lone tree for making me feel gorgeous. Thank you to King Soopers for supporting my hygiene drive. Thank you to Denver Mini Derby, Parker Days, The Fearless and Fabulous Podcast and Fox21 news for inviting me as a guest and allowing me to share my mission! I'd like to also thank Mayor Toborg, for meeting with me to discuss my mission. Lastly, I would like to thank my partner and best friend for supporting me, pushing me towards greatness and never doubting my ability to make impactful change.

Brianna G.
Pikes Peak
Thank you to my friends and family for their continuous support!

Mackenzie J.
Arapahoe Cty
Being on this stage is not something I can take lightly. I aspire to bring smiles and give support to everyone around me, but I wouldn’t be here without the help of those who support me. Thank you, to my parents for the unconditional love and support no matter what I’m doing, to my family for pushing me forward, to my friends for cheering me on, to my sponsors for funding my run, and to Erica Lindsay Photography for my headshots. If I am to take home the title of Miss CO USA tonight, it will give me the opportunity to speak up about LGBTQIA+ rights, positive body image in women, and the importance of creativity. 'I want to be a part of the people that make meaning, not the thing that is made.' - Barbie. Sincerely thank you, Mackenzie J.

Jessi K.
I am grateful to my loving family, my incredibly supportive friends, and my extended community. Fanlas Photography for the amazing work on my headshot. And Dacy for being so gracious with your makeup skills. This work could not be accomplished on my own.

Catherine K.
Northeast CO
Thank you to my family and friends.

Jessica K.
Thank you to my Mother & Sisters for being my biggest Fans, you always ensure and inspire me to try new things and chase after my dreams! My mom, Founder & Owner of Preferred Homes Colorado, shows me how to be independent and supports me in so many ways. Thank you to my Sister Reagan & Lindsey, who help me prepare for all life throws at me. I couldn't have don't any of this without them!

Kylie K.
Castle Pines
Thank you to my family and friends. Who I am today is a direct representation of the support and love you've always shown me. I love you all so much. Special shoutout to Duane Topping for helping bring my vision to life.

Kelsey K.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to all my friends, family, and fellow educators who have shown me nothing but love and support. Prepping for this pageant has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done. To my biggest supporter in this world, my Grandma who got on a last minute flight to Houston with me to gown shop and take headshots; just to support me and live in my world for a minute, I love you beyond words. It's a memory I will cherish forever. To my long time coach and friend, Chloe Brown thank you for constantly pushing me and helping me grow. You are such an inspiration and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for your unconditional support. Let's do this!

Jewel L.
Thank you, Mom and Dad. Not just for tonight, but for the days, months, and years you have been with me to see me at this point. Overnight successes are usually the product of years of unrecognized work. I have witnessed and truly value those hours of work to support me to this point. I am beyond grateful to be in your presence and even more so to receive your help and support. Thank you from every cell in my body.

Alice L.
Highlands Ranch
I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to every single person I have had the opportunity to meet for always encouraging me to follow my passion. Your support helps me make a positive impact in our community. Thank you for standing by me and being an essential part of my journey toward my dreams.

Janeth L.
Adams County
To my parents who have always supported me in numerous ways. From finding new passions to learning new hobbies. They have fulfilled me with ambitions and to always be thankful for everything that comes my way. To my siblings who are my number one supporters and are my inspiration in life.

Peyton M.
Southeast CO
I would like to thank all of my family and friends for the love, encouragement and support they have provided me with. My family has always been there for me, I wouldn't be half of the person I am today without them and I am so grateful for them. The support they have given me to be able to participate in this pageant is unmatched. As for my sponsor Kalon Beauty, thank you for helping me be able to participate in this amazing opportunity! Kalon Beauty provides the best eyelash extension services and more!

Brittany M.
Weld County
I would like to thank my daughter, Leilani Rose & my family for always supporting me in any adventure I decide to go on. I would also like to thank Heavenly Flowers Cleaning LLC for sponsoring my journey through Miss Colorado.

Genevieve M.
Lone Tree
Thank you to my family, athletes, glam squad, friends, and fellow contestants for being the inspiration behind my work, passion, and why I decided to compete at this year's Miss Colorado State Pageant. We are all role models and we are already making the world a better place. Keep up the hard work and long hours. Stay focused, determined, and always dream big. Thank you, Ethereal Day Spa, Bryn Marae Photography, A3 Performance, for the swimwear, and Brenda Torre, for being my glam squad this weekend. Never forget: You can Ignite Change | Aerospace is for All | Dream Big...and most importantly: You are never too (___) to accomplish your dreams!

Elizabeth M.
Greenwood Village
I'd like to thank everyone who's supported me on this beautiful journey. From words of encouragement to pageant prep calls, I'm forever grateful. Thank you Allison for being an amazing pageant coach, inspiring friend and a beacon of light. Thank you to my lovely Wiesner Media team for all of their well wishes. Thank you to my fellow Bella Divas for always being there for me. Thank you to my parents for supporting my childhood dream. Thank you to Maddy for being an awesome photographer and taking my headshots. Last, but not least, thank you to all of my judges, Libby and the wonderful people of the Miss Colorado USA organization who have made this event possible.

Deja M.
Happy Pride Month! I want to thank everyone that has supported my platform and journey as a woman of trans experience! Specifically, I give major kudos to my boyfriend Randy, parents in law Vee & Pops, sister Nas, and my best friends Ricky, Philip, and Alex for guiding my pageant success. Also, I want to give a shout out to the Edgewater Pride Committee and folx that have supported our Edgewater Pride Kick-Off party and Pride Parade events. It has been a delight to serve as Miss Edgewater Colorado Pride Grand Marshal this year.

Stevie N.
We have to read others’ stories to learn about life, but we must write our own stories to truly LIVE.'- Stevie Naegele. To every person who has ever been there for me, be it for a minute, or for a Lifetime: Thank you! My story would not be complete without you and I cannot wait to write my next chapter. Reigning Royalty Prom, Pageant and More; Glasoe Construction Services; The Fort Restaurant; Nativism; Eric Naegele, I Love you 3000!; My Cheerleaders: Callista, Laura, Sharon, Amanda, Lynn, my Mom Jan; My fur-babies Zoey and Azula

Ayshia N.
A huge thank you to all who have supported me on my journey of making my dreams a reality, especially my family who always push me to be my best and never doubted me. I also want to send a thanks to Co Le Thuy, who made my evening gown with such skill and detail. She is a small designer based in Vietnam, and is so talented and has a huge passion for what she creates. Along with that thank you to my coach Anh Bi, who helped me progress in my confidence. So again, thank you to all who know me closely and those who will soon know me. I will continue to make you proud.

Kearcy O.
Capital City
Though I have many people to thank for this amazing opportunity, I would like to take this chance to especially thank my children. My four boys keep me grounded and inspired. It is because of them that I found the motivation and courage to pursue my dreams. I hope that by providing this example, it will prompt them to follow thier dreams. Thank you Kendrick, Riddick, Logan and Baby g.

Dani R.
Fort Collins
I want to thank my family for always being the biggest supporters on this journey with me, my little sister Melanie for being such a big help and always being there for me, you mean everything to me. To all my friends thank you all for being such amazing people I am so thankful to have you!

Jennifer R.
Castle Rock
Thank you to my husband, Jay, for supporting me and empowering me to continue to chase after my goals. Thank you to my parents, Frank and MiHye for instilling me the values that I needed to be a leader, and to work hard and never accept no as an answer. Thank you to my Air Force community, and my friends who provide feedback and have helped me evolve into my purpose and my passion. Thank you to my children, Corban, Klein, Christian, Kieran, Ryan, and Sutton for coming along with me to serve our community and for motivating me to being the best version of myself.

Katherine S.
Teller County
I'd like to thank my family and friends for supporting me financially and always cheering me on! I'd also like to thank my corporate sponsors, Southern Colorado Truck and Auto Parts, Nancy Hicks Homes, and Dana's Dance.

Carissa S.
Air Force Academy
I want to show my love and appreciation to my family and friends. To my mom and dad, your belief in me has given me the strength to pursue my dreams. I couldn't do any of this without you! I also want to extend my love to my best friends, Rachel and Ellie, who have been endlessly encouraging. To my leadership at the US Air Force Academy, thank you for your guidance and mentorship to help me grow as a leader and future officer. I would like to also show my gratitude to all of my mentors who have helped shaped me and encouraged me to shine! Also, I would like to thank the entire Miss USA community for providing an opportunity to share my passions, connect with extraordinary individuals, and fuel my dedication to serve and make a difference.

Jennifer S.
Eastern CO
I am blessed to have many communities and organizations who have supported me through this journey. Thank you to Denise and the Miss Colorado USA family for the continued encouragement to follow my Miss USA dreams! I am eternally grateful for my University of Denver community for supporting my ambitions. Finally, I want to thank my family, who made the ultimate sacrifices for my American dream as a Cuban-American. To my children, I never truly knew what love was until I first knew you. You make me a better person everyday. To my husband, thank you for always supporting my wild dreams and coming along for the ride. How lucky am I to live this life with you. Let's go Seal Team Stanga!

Jasmine S.
Grand County
I want to thank my lifelong supporters, my parents. Who have always been my rock and biggest cheerleaders encouraging me to make my dreams come true.

Jordan T.
To be back on stage within the MISS USA system, is the greatest honor and privilege. I would not be here today without the support from my family and loved ones. Thank you to my mother, Deborah, for instilling in me the values necessary to be a strong, passionate, and determined woman. To my fiance Jon, thank you for supporting this venture and allowing our living room to temporarily exist as a runway. I love you and am so excited for our future! To my sister Justine, thank you for always being my biggest cheerleader. Valerie and Kristin, your mentorship has allowed me to not only grow as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, but as an individual this past year, and show up on stage as my best self.

StevieMarie T.
I am immensely grateful to my family and friends whose unwavering support has been the cornerstone of my journey. Their encouragement, love, and belief in me have been a constant source of strength, motivating me to push boundaries and reach for the stars. I am indebted to the organizations that have played a pivotal role in my growth and development, providing invaluable opportunities, guidance, and resources that have helped me thrive in pursuing my passions. With their support, I have been able to not only pursue the things I love but also inspire others to follow their dreams. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being an integral part of my journey.

Elicia T.
Colorado Springs
I would like to thank my family and friends for the all the little ways you support me. Your belief in my abilities has given me the confidence to reach new heights. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to my parents for your constant encouragement. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities you have provided me. Your words of support have meant the world to me! Special thanks to my brother for taking my headshot photos this year! Thank you for going above and beyond to help me.

Stephanye T.
Rach Hands Cowboylesque of Nashville, TN. Your encouragement to get back on stage is as special as the care you have for your cowboys. IG: @Ranchhandscowboylesqueofficial; Macey Pickett Photography- I hope to shine as bright as you do from the other side of the camera. IG: @Maypickettphotos; My family: Lexy, Tyree, Jordan and Nola, thank you for witnessing all of my crazy ideas and still choosing to love me. And after 10 years when I told you they dropped the age requirement looking me and telling me that we are never too old to go after what we want. Thank you for the reminder.

Kaylista U.
Cherry Creek
I have the deepest appreciation to my incredible sponsors: Clean Your Dirty Face, Jade Wellness, Winzeler & Bok LTD., and Desert Social. Your generous support have been the cornerstone of my journey to Miss Colorado USA 2024. To Will, for always having my back and supporting every wild dream I have. Life with you is the best adventure, and your support in all I do means everything. And to my mom, my first and forever cheerleader: From that very first local pageant 15 years ago to every title I've pursued since, your love and support have been the very thing that encourages me to never give up. I owe so much of who I am today to your unwavering belief in me. Thank you for always reminding me of who I am and how great I am becoming!

Kailyn V.
I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me on this journey! A big shout out to Vigil Constructs, Cattails Golf Course, Amie Hazlett Photography, Impressionz and The City of Alamosa.Your support means the world to me. I also want to express my deep appreciation to my family and friends for your generous donations and unwavering encouragement. To my parents and Devon, thank you for being my biggest fans. And lastly, I am thankful to the good lord above for guiding me through this journey. - Kailyn Vigil

Giovanne W.
Denver County
Thank you to my family, friends, coaches, makeup artist and my photographer for helping me make this year possible.